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Past Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting Programs

Programs of considerable interest and educational value have been presented at past meetings of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the ISSA. These include:

---Date--- --------------Subject-------------- -----Presenter----- -------Representing-------
May 15-17,2007 Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (TRISC '07) Austin, Texas ACP/ASIS/Infragard/ISACA/ISSA
November 16,2006 "Modeling enterprise data security after proven, real world security solutions" Steve Neubauer Vormetric
October 19,2006 "Home Users and Network Security" Dr. Art Conklin Professor for the University of Houston - Main Campus
May 13-17,2006 Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (TRISC '06) Houston Hyatt Rgency ACP/ASIS/Infragard/ISACA/ISSA
January 24,2006 "LANs -- Why Encryption, Authentication and VPNs do NOT secure your WLAN" Mr. Mark Herman Engineer for Newbury Networks
October 20, 2005 "Emerging Threats in E-mail Security" Mr. Gleb Budman VP of Products at MailFrontier
September 19-21,2005 Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (TRISC '05) Austin Renaissance ACP/ASIS/Infragard/ISACA/ISSA
March 17, 2005 "A Forensic Overview" Mr. Dennis Gittens NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) Computer Crimes Division (CCD)
February 17, 2005 "Securing the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)" Chet Milensky AirMagnet
November 18, 2004 "The Evils of the Internet" Rich Owen, CEO, CISSP Optimal Information Security Services, Inc.
July 8,2004 "Identity Theft and Illegal Intrusion Investigation" Mr. Dennis Gittens NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) Computer Crimes Division (CCD)
May 20, 2004 "Network Behavior Analysis" Daniel J. Molina Q1 Labs.
Mar 18, 2004 "Securing the Enterprise Application Sphere." Dan Carcone Imperva
Jan 22, 2004 "Looking back at the previous year and looking forward to the future in IT Security" Christopher (Chris) J. Ortiz, CISSP NASA/JSC Information Technology Security Manager
Oct 23, 2003 Understanding Network Discovery and Attack: Help for the Admin Joanne Ashland, CISSP Stewart Title Company
Sept 18, 2003 Computer Forensics Gone But Not Forgotten -- Finding Evidence on Computers David S. Merritt Applied Cognitive Solutions
Jul 10, 2003 Security Enhanced Linux Mark Westerman Westcam, Inc.
May 10, 2003 Consolidation and Analysis of Logs using NetIQ Vigilent Log Analyzer to meet Government Mandates and Corporate Policies on Security and Privacy Michael Mychalczuk NetIQ Corporation
Mar 6, 2003 Cisco Router Hardening Craig Biggerstaff Omitron, Inc.
Dec 5, 2002 Security & Manageability in Network Design: Using Best Practices & Tools to Provide a Network that is Secure and Maintainable Jeff Calvert CyrusOne
Oct 24, 2002 A National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Steve Conner United Space Alliance
Jun 6, 2002 Web Application Security Steve Pettit Sanctum
Mar 7, 2002 Personal Firewalls Tim Wegner himself
Dec 6, 2001 Windows NT Security Sherri Heckendorn UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Oct 19, 2000 NASA Office of the Inspector General Lance Carrington, Shelia Brock NASA
May 18, 2000 Cyber Warfare - The Emerging Crime Problem Agent Mark Love FBI
Febr 17, 2000 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Representatives of: NOKIA, GTE Technologies
Nov 18, 1999 Computer Forensics Representatives of: FBI
Aug 12, 1999 Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) Representatives of: Entrust Technologies Inc., Verisign Inc.
Apr 22, 1999 Intrusion Detection Systems Representatives of: Network Associations, Axent Technologies, Internet Security Systems, Cisco Systems
Dec 8, 1998 Worldwide Information Security John A. Blackely THE Other Consulting Company
Nov 10, 1998 IS Security Programs Kent Dorster Trident Data Systems
Oct 13, 1998 Forum: ISSA TXGC Member Participation TXGC members ISSA TXGC
Sep 8, 1998 National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), Economic Espionage Act of 1996 Agents Borneman, Escobedo, & Love FBI
Aug 11, 1998 Strong User Authentication, Intrusion Detection, and Single Sign On Mark. J. Jones Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.
Jul 14, 1998 Computer Viruses - Types & Impacts Carl Chalfant, Mark Mays Grumman/ISC
Jun 9, 1998 Scrutinizing Network Security Ginger Sanders, Jeff Johnson Blue Lance, Internet Security Solutions
May 11, 1998 Enterprise Security John W. Garber Interlink Computer Sciences
Apr 14, 1998 Hacks, Cracks, & Penetrations Steve Engle, CISSP Diversified High Technologies, et al
Mar 10, 1998 SAP Security Mike Money Union Carbide
Oct 14, 1997 CORBA Security Karen Worstell Information Integrity Protection Consulting, Inc.
Sep 9, 1997 Beyond the Firewall: A Look at Security Measures and Countermeasures Steve Engle Diversified High Technologies, Inc.
Aug 12, 1997 Hurricane Preparedness Ron Harris himself
Jun 10, 1997 Rules of Evidence Representatives of: FBI
May 13, 1997 Security Data and the Law Phil Bandy, CPP, CISSP Diversified High Technologies, Inc.
Apr 8, 1997 Highlights the National Open Systems Security '97 & ISSA Annual Conference Carolyn Hopkins, Bill Love, Jan Cole, & Henry Moreno USA, USA, USA, Insource Technology
Mar 11, 1997 Windows NT 4.0 Security Ernest Hernandez, CISSP Dow Chemical
Feb 11, 1997 Enterprise Wide Security Architecture Randy Stroud & Scott Long Price Waterhouse, LLP
Jan 14, 1997 Internet Warfare: Defending Yourself on the Electronic Front Michael Jarvis Insource Technology

If you are interested in presenting to the chapter, please contact Steve Conner.

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